The Firm that Offers High-Quality Architectural Solutions

Client-oriented, architect-led. That is the philosophy behind KOAL, PLLC, which offers full architectural services throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Client Oriented. We strive to build strong and lasting client relationships by providing the highest quality project possible within the client's budget. Listening to our clients allows us to orient our services in a way that will achieve the important goals specific to each client's project.

Architect Led. Each client benefits from two decades of design and construction experience, including the practice of sustainable architecture through a LEED Accredited Professional.

Harnessing this knowledge allows for responsible budgeting oversight. Evaluating alternative systems, materials, and methods ensure you the best value for dollars spent without sacrificing the intrinsic aesthetic value of the project.

We are committed to the client's needs with creative, careful, and competent architectural services, delivered on time and on budget.

“Our schedule for the design of the building and the site was ambitious, as we needed to get realistic estimates of cost as soon as possible. Don set his team’s schedule and proceeded to hold everyone to it and delivered at every juncture as planned.” - K.F.